Posted on Friday, May 8th, 2009 at 12:22 pm by Ona in process | No Comments

I think I’ve waited so long to write about SMSC because I was more curious to read about other’s feelings first. I’m happy I did because like I suspected we’re all pretty much on the same page, nailing on the head our key issues.

The ability to talk about this from various angles getting in the way of a clear and concise plan of action.

Trying to coordinate conflicting schedules

A lack of definition.

I also agree with Jeremy that this project is a great opportunity. By revisiting this at a later date will not only give us the time to rejuvenate but we will let this opportunity sink in, juice us up for a marathon of work that needs to run between the point of return and our new dead line.

Like always bring it on! I’m more than excited to upgrade to the physical realm. Although many of our previous discussions of conducting a game has seemed like a social experiment, maybe because essentially that’s what we are doing. So let the games begin.

Regardless, as the school year is winding down, I’m starting to get super excited about the new possibilities of this project and how the dialogue since our hiatus has seemed already promising!