Research LOL!

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nickjehlen: i was just about to email you
me: well, shit!
nickjehlen: shit!
that __________ thing. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve gotten one answer so far, and though it doesn’t directly address what I asked, its not far off, and its totally civil.
me: hmmm.
nickjehlen: im shocked
i mean, its just one, but still, WTF?
me: damn, our whole thesis down the tubes!
nickjehlen: shit!
me: no sweat – there’s plenty of assholes out there!
nickjehlen: i was thinking about your idea of using game theory, i think that’s a very good way to approach this. Not directly, but trying to get people to get along, but we could try setting up this kind of environments to see if we can better understand the problems
me: yeah, I think it makes a ton of sense
and would help us really iterate a number of different scenarios quickly I think
paper prototype style
Sent at 10:19 PM on Monday
nickjehlen: we should think about what conversations people are having maybe, as a starting point
me: like just any people on the street? or more focused?
Sent at 10:22 PM on Monday
nickjehlen: well, i may be too focused because i’ve been putting up this site, but maybe we could think about what issues should be being discussed, even if they’re not?
im sort of flailing, but thats the general idea
me: no, I mean, my original thought was that we would use local issues in Philly
but they can be more broad
Obama’s economic stimulus package, for one that’s timely
nickjehlen: maybe. or maybe a mix
thats a great idea
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nickjehlen: here’s something interesting: i posted the site on reddit to get traffic. i didnt get much, but my post on reddit had some nasty responses from both sides.
same basic question, different spaces. how does the history of a space change how people interact there?
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me: yeah, reddit comments and site comment are interesting… wow, how funny that the first response is so measured and rational
Sent at 10:31 PM on Monday
nickjehlen: could be interesting to watch if others post – does it spiral out of control? is it possible to get things back on track if they go bad?
Sent at 10:33 PM on Monday
me: yeah, I was just wondering that… is their a tipping point? or a voice so commanding that it can redirect negative turns?
nickjehlen: oh! i wonder how far into the past we can see reddit posts? it feels to me like things used to be less problematic there – we could do a study of some random posts and test that theory
Sent at 10:34 PM on Monday
me: also, as an experiment, I’m also thinking about what can be done programmatically to neutralize certain comments (an algorithm). a kind of sanitization. to strip speech in such a way that only factual propositions remain… hmmm
nickjehlen: ohhhh
thats good
it might be an input method
Sent at 10:38 PM on Monday
me: paper prototype scenario for 2 citizen debaters:
Sent at 10:41 PM on Monday
me: 1) 2 people agree on an issue to discuss
2) then they predetermine a set of words allowed in the discussion (maybe 10, 20, something small)
3) then using these words (in addition to other standard structural words maybe?) they discuss the issue
nickjehlen: yes!
and, we could try other forms of communication – drawings maybe
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nickjehlen: and now we descend into geektoown. did you see the star trek (NG?) where they encounter a race who’s language the automatic translators can’t decipher? it turns out, their language is based entirely on stories of their past. so maybe one group has to only tell stories of their experiences
geektown. not geektoown. i’d never go there
me: oh no shit you didn’t reference star trek!
that’s fascinating…
nickjehlen: oh shit i did.
and really, i’m not a star trek fan. i just happened to see that episode. but i’m happy to pull it out for geek cred.
me: sounds like Borges, or Calvino, ya know?
nickjehlen: um
i’m also practicing saying when i don’t really understand something. one of my close friends in NYC studied Borges intensely, wrote articles about him, all sorts of stuff. i have never ready any.
me: no comment
nickjehlen: whoa!
easy there killer
or i’ll pull out a Doctor Who reference and blow your mind
so – explain your Borges and Calvino reference, if you don’t mind
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me: well, Borges: obsessed with languages (invented), libraries, and esoterica… the star trek premise could be one of his short ficciones. Calvino’s book Invisible Cities (in my top 5 btw) is centered on an exchange between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan. Not speaking each other’s language, they invent all of these interesting modes of communication using limited “vocabularies.” check em out some time…
nickjehlen: buying Invisible Cities now…
me: you should read it in the original Italian, dude
nickjehlen: you are cruisin for a bruisin
Sent at 10:55 PM on Monday
nickjehlen: here’s another thought that I’ll post on the blog soon – one of your posts made me think that maybe the ideal commons is one you don’t go to all the time – that the interactions we have outside the commons with people we agree with may strengthen those we have in the commons.
(i’m going to get it in the original Kindle 2 format. )
me: but can’t the converse be just as true? meaning, to be challenged in what I think or believe is to perhaps become better able to communicate it and defend it.
Sent at 10:59 PM on Monday
nickjehlen: oh yes – i think both are necessary. i dont have any idea what the balance is, just that some sort of balance is probably good. not that we need to encourage that, it happens anyway, but not to look at those non-commons discussions negatively. they’re part of the system, maybe?
does that make sense? or are you suggesting something else?
me: yeah, right on
I’m down with the dialectical approach: commons / non-commons or / anti-commons
the fluidity of moving back and forth between them is exciting to me
nickjehlen: first recommendation from Amazon after i bought Invisible cities: Collected fictions of Borges.
me: I’m as smart as Amazon!
nickjehlen: you are exactly as smart as Amazon
and it might strengthen the whole system if people recognize the strengths of that back and forth.
which suggests another mode of communication: you can only say things someone else told you.
me: Borges story “The Garden of Forking Paths” is cited as a seminal precursor to hypertext (and therefore the Web and therefore things like Amazon) btw.
yeah, like that constraint too
nickjehlen: I’m sorry, my mind just entered a wormhole
me: is that star trek?
nickjehlen: no – geez, i’ve totally pigeonholed myself.
me: jk man
nickjehlen: Engage!
me: stop
nickjehlen: Captain’s Log: Try watching something other than Star Trek
me: sotp
nickjehlen: Wait – Q is at the door
you have brought this on yourself, young Jedi.
me: I really am laughing out loud
nickjehlen: (i fucking hate Star Wars)
me: hate speech?
nickjehlen: holy shit – another one: only communicate in txt msg shorthand
(oh my fucking god i can’t believe its not butter)
me: need some teen translators cuz I’m lost
nickjehlen: all teens say that to each other
all of them
every day
the next generation is butter-obscessed
me: I can’t even say those letters in succession by reading them…
butter abscessed
nickjehlen: this is why we are obsolete
ohhhh snap!
nicely played
(i have to say, IM is my favorite form of communication)
me: [ OK, if I redact the reference to the ______________ in the beginning, can I please post this to the blog? I'm serious. ]
nickjehlen: wait – this = this conversation?
me: yep
nickjehlen: go for it
i wasn’t using my reputation anyway
me: fortunately, I have none either
nickjehlen: wait. did i use a star trek reference in this conversation?
me: no, it was star wars, I think
nickjehlen: phew.
and Doctor Who. I referenced Doctor Who. I’ll never leave the house again.
(seriously – post it.)
me: right on.
really, though, nice chatting / thinking / laughing
nickjehlen: do you mind if i crosspost some of these to the new actionmill blog?
me: no no no please do
nickjehlen: likewise. i feel like i’m starting to get a better hold on the commons concept. and I know this process has helped Jethro work with it too.
i’m going to have a tag for “Action Geek” posts.
me: super. signing off. later!
nickjehlen: have a good one
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  1. # On February 9th, 2009 at 11:48 pm Nick wrote:

    WTF, man. Double U, Tee, Eff.

  2. # On February 13th, 2009 at 5:34 pm Alie wrote:

    I love the idea of communicationing through alternate methods like drawing or with a limited vocabulary. Creating limitations and forcing people to put their thoughts through a second filter is a great way to force people to think if they really mean what they’re saying and what the best way of getting their ideas across really is. Often with hilarious results!

  3. # On February 13th, 2009 at 5:35 pm Alie wrote:

    I was using “communicationing” as an example of alternative communication.